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I love my Garmin. It has changed the way I run completely. I follow Jeff Galloway's Run/Walk method for anything over 3 miles and this little baby allows me to set intervals and kindly gives me a warning when each interval is about to begin/end. You can set up the display to show you various information (pace, time, distance etc) and can upload your activity to various online activity trackers; I use Daily Mile.

I ran a few half marathons before I was introduced to this method and I always started out too fast, ran hard up until mile 9 and then it would be a miserable for the last 4.1 miles. A friend introduced me to Jeff Galloway's idea of injury free running by alternate running and walking. Since implementing it my runs are more fun AND I've knocked over a minute off my average half marathon pace. Can you believe I got faster including walk breaks?! I highly encourage everyone to check it out.

At the RNR Seattle 2012 Expo I had Brooks evaluate my stride and fit me with a shoe- they chose the Brooks Ravenna 3. Since then they have updated the shoe and added color, yay! These babies are so comfortable, lightweight and selected as a best runners buy by Runners World.

Vita Top Muffins

Holy Yum! These Deep Chocolate VitaTops are UH-MAZING! These are fantastic way to curb a sweet tooth without destroying your diet with a ton of calories and sugar. These are full of fiber and minerals and CHOCOLATE! For 100 calories I really don't think it gets much better than this! You can get them online, or I've found them at our Target.

Lia Sophia Jewelry

In August of 2011 I began selling Lia Sophia Jewelry and I LOVE IT! I love the jewelry, the company, the "work" itself; it's just a ton of fun. We always have seriously amazing sales (um hello, we discount the HIGHER priced items) and give our hostesses not only amazing discounts but also free jewelry. If you are interested in purchasing, hosting or earning some extra cash on your terms, then visit my website and contact me.

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