Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seattle Electric Run

I feel so behind!! Last Friday I had the Electric Run and this Friday I have HTC and I haven't had a chance to blog about any of it! This is my Electric Run Re-Cap, I will try to blather about my anticipation of HTC tomorrow.

I'm on the left, Krissy on the right
I registered for the Electric Run months ago with the idea that it could be a "birthday party" for me because I knew it would be a fun 5K that pretty much anyone could do with minimal to no training. However, only one friend and my husband signed up to come. Yes, all my other friends SUCK. Ok, not really, some of them had other plans, some are probably intimated by running with a marathoner (haha ego inflated much?!), and some thought the $45 price tag was a little too spendy. I think because I planned it so far in advance it gave people time to consider it, think they had time to make a decision, and then forget about it. I learned it's always best to pressure people last minute so they have no time to make other plans or change their mind :)

I shopped for my "costume" last minute. Soooo last minute in fact that I was about 20 minutes late picking Krissy up. We had a little over an hour commute but were worried about traffic and finding parking so there really is nothing like adding a little last minute anxiety. Thankfully none of it proved to be an issue. We got to packet pick up with 15 minutes to spare. It was odd because you literally walked up to a table, they asked you your tshirt size and violia you get a bag with a bib, ridiculously small tshirt and some glowsticks. No id checks, no official wave time...anyone could have just walked in really. We hit the port-a-potties, downed a free rockstar and got in line for the start. This was probably the slowest start I've ever been in BUT it was party so who really cared? I actually think the start line was the best part of the whole deal. All the excitement of what was to come paired with lots of glowsticks, neon and EDM = a really fun 45+ minute wait.

It was odd to hear essentially my marathon playlist shared for the whole world to hear. 95% of my running playlist is EDM. I love country music, I love rock, I like pop, but EDM just makes this girl go CRAZY! It's what makes me legs move :) My first EDM experience was a Daft Punk show in 2007 I believe, it was FANTASTIC. Fantastic actually sounds like a pretty lame word to try and describe it but no words could adequately describe it. I also took James to his first show, Benny Benassi's Winter White Party- A-MAZING! Most recently (ok last summer) we saw Kaskade for my birthday, again, the experience goes beyond words. Hours of dancing, getting sweaty, fist bumping, laughing and just living in the moment. Alright, well how did I get off on this little tangent? Back to running....

We watched the night turn from dusk to full out darkness before we got to the front of the pack. We finally took off and I quickly realized several things:

A. I couldn't see shit
B. My cool glasses weren't going to stay on once I started to get sweaty
C. I forgot to bobby pin my wig on!

I'm not going to detail every exhibit (umbrellas, snow machine, black lights), but I will tell you that the ground reached up and tried to trip me once- I survived. And, it was a very slow moving race- I think there maybe more walkers than runners. It was fun to just enjoy the experience though. We stopped and took pictures often. Krissy and I didn't even bring our Garmins!
Overall a very fun race. I'll look forward to it next year, and maybe a few more friends will come along for the ride ;)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Jamie Eason is my girl crush!

Ok so here is the thing DO NOT google images of Jamie Eason because some of them are practically playboy shots, and others aren't that flattering. BUT I have been learning about her live fit program and watching her recipe videos and let me tell you this girl is soooo cute. She also seems so friendly that I wish she lived down the street and was my best buddy. I can just see us going to the gym, her spotting me on a weight bench, and then we go get spinach protein shakes and lay in the sun. I promise I'm not stalker status though, just really inspired by her right now. She is ripped, but not disgustingly so.

Unlike this chick. I can respect her dedication but don't find veins popping out attractive in the least.
Anyway the reason I decided to post about my obsession with Jamie Eason is because I've tried two of her protein bar recipes lately and loved them both. Tonight I even got my husband to eat the carrot cake one (he hates veggies!). It was seriously a big win! Both the recipes were about 100 calories per serving, low in sugar, high in protein and full of fiber. I didn't have oat flour so I ground up some oatmeal like she suggests in her video and it turned out great. I'll probably continue to do that vs. buying oat flour because it was easy and probably costs less to just buy a huge jar of quick cooking oats. Plus it's a staple food in our house so I always have oatmeal on hand! I also loved that she uses baby food in her recipes = no grating up carrots, score! After I let the bars cool off I topped with lite whipped topping and unsweetened coconut the just ate it like a dessert. Jamie does suggest cutting these in 16 pieces and I messed up and did 9 :/ However 1 serving = 2 bars so it "pretty much" equals out to just eating one bigger bar. Bodybuilding.com check out Jamie Eason's live fit people!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another year closer to the big 3-0

Yesterday was my birthday, 27th to be exact. It's funny because I know I'm still young but it is trippy to be getting closer to 30. I'm not scared of that number, truth be told I kind of already feel like I'm there, but still it's weird to think about- time sure flies. I wanted to get out of the house and do some fun things the whole family would enjoy. I decided on the zoo:

On the way home I spotted the Seattle Great Wheel and have wanted to do that for the past year so we made a quick pit stop and climbed aboard for beautiful views of the city.


We had brought food to picnic at the zoo with but since all the parking lots were full and we have to find parking on city side streets our plan changed and we didn't really eat anything other than almonds so by 5pm we were starving. Spaghetti Factory fell onto our list of activities :)

I had a fantastic day! Oh and I forgot to mention but I did start it off with a short (2 mile) run. I haven't done much running lately. Hood to Coast is less than 2 weeks away and while I know I will be fine I still have butterflies. I need to log a few more miles this week to feel better about myself, lol.

More to come when there is more time to write. Ciao!