Thursday, March 7, 2013

17 miles and Junk Food

The hill is a lot bigger than it looks in this pic
What the hell is going on?  I can’t get myself under control. The past week, well technically the majority of the past 6 months I’ve been unable to curb my desire to eat eat eat. These last few days I’ve consumed so many empty calories it’s depressing to admit to it. I’ve made home-made fudge, peanut butter cookies, no bake cookies, ate ice-cream, pop tarts of , all kinds sugary goodness  awfulness. I weighed in this morning 16 pounds UP from my lowest weight. Actually I haven’t been this heavy since I gave birth to Bailey. I have got to figure out what to do, how to beat this. I’ve still been running. I missed a blog detailing my 17 mile run (tied for longest to date). That run took place Feb 24th and took me from Old Town Silverdale to Downtown Poulsbo- I’ll attach images when I get home. The work computers aren’t very friendly. Overall I was very impressed with how I did; 10:55 average pace on a route with some very long hills. I had zero, absolutely zero pain, no muscle soreness, it was a little odd, most of the time when I increase either distance or pace I expect something to flare up. I ran with Tabatha and Ellen, Sara and her friend Syri also came but we didn’t all stick together for the run, our paces didn’t sync, but it was wonderful having them there. Ellen and Tabatha are both faster than I am so if I felt like I was holding them back too much I figured I would have been safe enough to fall back a little and maybe finish the run with Sara, but I felt really strong until we got back in Silverdale.  Waiting at all the crosswalks through town was a bit irritating. Every time we stopped I could feel the lactic acid in my legs bubbling up. I know it was there either way but when I was running I could focus on moving forward and distract myself.
Activity for the last 4 weeks- Need to work on consistency
This past weekend I was scheduled to bump up to 20 miles but between my absolutely crappy diet and the getting Charlie horses the night before I woke up knowing I wasn’t even going to try for 20. I grabbed Jamba and headed down to meet this week’s running buddies, Tabatha and Michele. Tabatha and I ended up sticking together and Michele followed us until our turn around point and then she continued on. My route ended up being about 7.5 miles, so it was long enough that I wasn’t completely disappointed.

Two miles tonight
Tonight I ran 2 miles pushing the girls in the jogging stroller. That is tough work....still doesn't burn off all the buttery popcorn I ate today. Or the caramel frappucino.

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