Friday, February 22, 2013

Carbloading with Chocolate?

Today I definitely went off plan a little bit and ate quite a few sweet treats. It all happened because we ran out of apples, sound ridiculous but I'm serious. Apples are the glue that hold my diet together. I didn't have carrots, crackers, string cheese, pretzels, bananas...I didn't have ANY snacks to take to work today. I left the house with oatmeal and some herbed chicken. So breakfast and lunch were covered but I knew I would be starving in between...and after. Ended up slightly raiding the vending machine and getting white cheddar cheez-its, then the M&M Jar in the office. One of the ladies a few office over gave me a kit kat, then at Albertsons I split an Almond Joy with Bailey. Ugh. BUT I logged every calorie. Had BLT's for dinner, um, 1.5 BLT's but again, logged and surprisingly I didn't go too far over calories. I even had a 100 calorie blueberry cheesecake popsicle for dessert. Running 17ish miles tomorrow so a few extra calories shouldn't be my it carbloading from the all the chocolate? :)

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