Monday, August 12, 2013

Jamie Eason is my girl crush!

Ok so here is the thing DO NOT google images of Jamie Eason because some of them are practically playboy shots, and others aren't that flattering. BUT I have been learning about her live fit program and watching her recipe videos and let me tell you this girl is soooo cute. She also seems so friendly that I wish she lived down the street and was my best buddy. I can just see us going to the gym, her spotting me on a weight bench, and then we go get spinach protein shakes and lay in the sun. I promise I'm not stalker status though, just really inspired by her right now. She is ripped, but not disgustingly so.

Unlike this chick. I can respect her dedication but don't find veins popping out attractive in the least.
Anyway the reason I decided to post about my obsession with Jamie Eason is because I've tried two of her protein bar recipes lately and loved them both. Tonight I even got my husband to eat the carrot cake one (he hates veggies!). It was seriously a big win! Both the recipes were about 100 calories per serving, low in sugar, high in protein and full of fiber. I didn't have oat flour so I ground up some oatmeal like she suggests in her video and it turned out great. I'll probably continue to do that vs. buying oat flour because it was easy and probably costs less to just buy a huge jar of quick cooking oats. Plus it's a staple food in our house so I always have oatmeal on hand! I also loved that she uses baby food in her recipes = no grating up carrots, score! After I let the bars cool off I topped with lite whipped topping and unsweetened coconut the just ate it like a dessert. Jamie does suggest cutting these in 16 pieces and I messed up and did 9 :/ However 1 serving = 2 bars so it "pretty much" equals out to just eating one bigger bar. check out Jamie Eason's live fit people!

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