Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another year closer to the big 3-0

Yesterday was my birthday, 27th to be exact. It's funny because I know I'm still young but it is trippy to be getting closer to 30. I'm not scared of that number, truth be told I kind of already feel like I'm there, but still it's weird to think about- time sure flies. I wanted to get out of the house and do some fun things the whole family would enjoy. I decided on the zoo:

On the way home I spotted the Seattle Great Wheel and have wanted to do that for the past year so we made a quick pit stop and climbed aboard for beautiful views of the city.


We had brought food to picnic at the zoo with but since all the parking lots were full and we have to find parking on city side streets our plan changed and we didn't really eat anything other than almonds so by 5pm we were starving. Spaghetti Factory fell onto our list of activities :)

I had a fantastic day! Oh and I forgot to mention but I did start it off with a short (2 mile) run. I haven't done much running lately. Hood to Coast is less than 2 weeks away and while I know I will be fine I still have butterflies. I need to log a few more miles this week to feel better about myself, lol.

More to come when there is more time to write. Ciao!

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