Sunday, April 14, 2013

16 Wakeups Until Marathon Day!

(Note: This blog was written Fri 4/12 and posted late, scroll to the bottom for today's update)

I need to make these 16 days really count...ok technically 15 because the 16th day IS Marathon Day! I have (again) been struggling with nutrition and have fallen prey to too many 100 calorie snacks, pizza, and frappacinos. I am currently +12 from my lowest weight, but still -82lbs from my highest weight so I dont want to forget how far I HAVE come.

You can find a lot of information online that talks about how losing weight is 80% about diet and 20% about exercise. I'd like to offer my opinion that it's 90% about nutrition and 10% about exercise. Yes, only the exercise will build your muscles, but I've really noticed over the course of this marathon training that diet plays a larger role than I ever thought in weight loss. I've spoken to multiple marathoners who have admitted to gaining weight while training. When I first set my sight on running a Marathon I pictured myself at my all time lowest weight, actually looking like a runner, maybe even buying a fitted running tank for the first time. HAHA. Didn't happen, and with only 2 weeks left, it won't be happening. It's so easy to run 12-22 miles on the weekend and allow yourself a larger meal, more snacks, or a dessert thinking, "I burned that off." At least for me I've noticed that yes I'm running more than ever but I'm also less consistent with my cross-training than I previously was. I've skipped spin classes, or ST the day or two before a long run because I don't want to tire my legs out- well hello those days I'm practically sedentary! No wonder I've gained weight and yes, even a few inches around my gut. BOOOO. Consistency is key in working out AND in good clean nutirtion for anyone who wants to be in the prime shape of their life.

I need to do some grocery shopping tonight. Load the house back up with veggies, fruits, lean meats and prep them so that during the week I can grab my snacks and meals and just go. I also want to get another comfy pair of workout capris; my favorites have lasted me through two great years and are starting to get worn down, there is even a little hole tearing into the thigh. It's not noticeable enough to stop me from wearing them (I REALLY love them), but they won't last much longer.

As for my goal to run 800 miles this year I'm doing alright, basically on track. I have run 216 miles so far, 224 would put my perfectly on target as of today. I am running 15 tomorrow though so that'll bump me slighly past where I "need" to be. Still not as many as I should have for someone who is marathon training but as everything it's a work in progress and a complete balancing act. I'm hoping to log another 40 miles before race day. That would make 81ish miles for the month (including the marathon). Running is the ONLY time I like to crunch numbers :)

Update Sunday 4/13:

Whipp'n out the Sundress!

Slept in and didn't do my 15 miler Saturday. I have been so tired all week that I needed the ZZZZ's. Got up and pushed the girls in the jogging stroller down to the park to let them play, then pushed them back. A total of 2.3 miles, around a 12 min/mile average. Then took Jamba out on a run later that afternoon, 1.8 miles I believe at a 9:37 pace. I woke up this morning and my back was feeling it! Pushing the girls in the stroller is no joke AND we found out that Jamba's harness was rubbing under her legs and rubbing her raw so we're back to just using the collar so she's pulling again, ugh, again making the run feel like serious work. This morning I was going to run with Sara for 12 miles to
make up for Saturday but I was having serious GI issues so again backed out like a loser. Got another 2 hours of sleep while James made breakfast and took care of the girls. It was such a blessing. A few hours later I laced up for a 4 mile jaunt around the neighborhood again an average pace in the 9's but I felt like I was running slower. The sun came out and I got surprisingly HOT. I took a picture as soon as I got in the door, you can kind of see my sweaty mess. I'm disappointed that I won't be getting in another long run before the marathon but I'm trying no to worry. I know that the training leading me up to this point has been pretty solid considering my manic schedule. I am still confident that I will finish, it's just a matter of when.
Going to bed early tonight (8 pm) with plans to roll out of the bed for a 4:30 am workout. Have I ever mentioned that I totally hate early mornings?!

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