Saturday, April 20, 2013

8 Wake-ups until Marathon Day!

I could probably think of a more spectacular and clever title for this blog, but count downs are so exciting! I'm in the single digits and just over a week from marathon day :)

So I've been tapering- I started waaaay too early, like 2 weeks to early. I haven't had a truly long run in almost a month and that makes me kind of nervous. I was suppose to run 15 last weekend but if you've been following my blogs you know how that turned out- or didn't, ugh. At this point I'm all in and I'm just going to try and
Philly Cheese-steaks, fries, butterfinger milkshake
run my best race possible on that day. In the meantime I'm fitting in short runs as I can. Last night was my 5 year wedding anniversary (love you babe), and we ate at a
local old school diner type place called Noah's Ark. Despite the fact that it's only a 15 minute drive from my house and it's been open as long as I can remember, it was the first time either of us had eaten there. I had thought about dressing up and having a fancy dinner but James is super picky, and I didn't want to spend much money since we are traveling next week, so we had a delicious dinner for less than $25 and went home to watch a movie and cuddle on the couch. I think I was in bed by 9 since my parents watched our kids....ahhh peace and quiet!

This morning I woke up at 7 am, so much for sleeping in very long, it was nice to be able to just lay around on the couch downstairs for awhile though. Finally around 8:30 James came downstairs and an hour later I had conned him into running with me. He was thrilled. He's been running 3 days a week on the treadmill but I thought it would be fun to get ouside together. The weather wasn't perfect, the past few days have been a little cold for my taste and it's been raining on and off but I need to log a few miles anyway. Since he's just getting into running we decided on 1/2 intervals, with a total distance of 2 miles. We ended up doing about 2.8 miles- I'm really proud of him. We did have a little incident near the end of our run though. James was running on the road side of me, kind of on the white line because there wasn't much of a shoulder, and some jackass drove by yelling at him to get off the road. I've found most people move over when they see a runner, but some decide to be complete dicks, stay their course and then yell profanities and rude comments. I've had people yet "keep running, your fat ass is getting smaller" or honk obnoxiously- this guy yelled some very
He looks so thrilled to go running with me! HA.
disrespectful things at James and we were both pissed. I don't think that guy knew my husband is a former marine and doesn't take kindly to people acting like idiots. I don't think he would have yelled at us if he would have known that my husband was going to chase him down. We were running about 1/4 mile from a softball field, and this guy turned in and parked there. James saw that so headed after him to um...ask him what his problem was. I was left standing by a four-way-stop wondering what the hell I should do. We don't have cell phones on us, I don't carry pepper spray or mace (which I'm now thinking of doing), and I really didn't want to chase after my husband to watch him get shot. Ugh. I felt a little helpless. Finally I decided to run down to the field (after hitting start on my garmin of course, James later found that funny). They were arguing, I guess the guy tried to hit James. DRAMA!!! The run/walk back home I pointed out that people have to pick every battle presented to them. I was definitely irritated that I was put in a position to feel helpless, but also a little proud to know that my husband isn't a coward and will protect his family. I read the story back now and it sounds a little crazy, but in that moment the adrenaline was pumping. The disbelief that some people can go out of their way to be a complete jackass to two strangers just out for a morning jog is beyond my comprehension. Maybe he'll think twice about it next time?!! After my 2.8 with James I did another 2.5 alone, nothing too exciting to report about that though. Just tried to push my pace since it was a shorter run, 9:02 avg if I remember correctly.
Blogging after my run

This next week my nutrition needs to be on point. I'm really happy with how today went. I did some grocery shopping and came home with all foods that  I'm proud to have in my home. Spent a little extra to get some blackberries is a MUST to have lots of fruit in my house. Today I got apples, the blackberries, lil cuties oranges and grapes. I also got some veggie "chick'n" patties (so good) I'll have to add them to my favorite things tab. The whole family approved  and I honestly couldn't taste a difference from a regular chicken patty. They were 140 calories, 5 or 6 grams of fat I believe, and no cholesterol....winning!

I also got a new book today. I'm obsessed with reading every book about running I can. It just keeps me really motivated. I'm going to curl up in bed and read some of it now....Night!

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