Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Soaking in the Rain

Still was hacking up a lung all weekend-my intentions to have a weekend full of exercise were obliterated. I did manage to walk the dogs a few times this weekend. Saturday was rough on me, I think my allergies were affecting me even more than this crud I've been fighting, and just being outdoors was making it hard to breathe. KK wanted to walk with me so we did a 1 mile loop through some developments, first with Oscar (dachshund) and Bubba (beagle/cavalier mix), then we went back and took Jamba (pitbull) out. It's too hard to walk them all together by myself and I tried letting KK walk Bubba and Oscar and they pulled her. I was teaching her how to "be the boss" and tell the dogs to go where she wants them to go- it would work for a short period and then she would be screaming for me help and they stopped cooperating, silly boys.

Sunday I cleaned the house. Spring cleaning on a day that felt like October. Don't even get me started on how sick I am of the cold. Summer really only comes after the Fourth of July and lasts through the first 2 weeks of September but I can't help but to get my hopes up come May/ June every year.

Monday it rained. In the early afternoon it seemed like light enough sprinkles that I could take the dogs out for a walk again. KK joined me for walking Oscar and Bubba. She was excited to have the chance to use her cow umbrella and stomp in every mud puddle she could find. I swung back by the house to get Jamba and KK insisted on going with me again. One quick loop around our neighborhood and I decided it was too rainy for her to be out with me for another half an hour so I took her home to stay with James. I kind of wanted to try running so I did. My lungs were burning from not being 100% recovered from this bug but it still felt good. Ran the rest of the first mile I had started with KK, then continued into the second mile. Mile 3 I decided to just walk home. You'd think that it being rainy I would want to get home as soon as possible but it felt good to be out there. Sometimes (especially if you're from WA) you just need to soak in the rain. It felt almost theraputic to just experience the day as it was instead of rushing to get out of it, or grumbling and wishing for sunshine. I'm definitely ready for early morning summer runs in the sun but yesterday reminded me that we can have good runs no matter the distance, pace or weather.

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