Monday, June 3, 2013

Burping up Chicken Fries

Happy Monday! The sun in shining in WA and it's suppose to be in the 70's all week- woohoooo! Not that I'll get to experience that much of it since I'm indoors at work for almost 9 hours a day but at least I have a waterfront office with a lot of windows to torture me :) My fingers are crossed that this glorious weather sticks around until the weekend.

Me and my little brother after our run
I spent this last weekend working Saturday (overtime money = less stress when it comes time to pay bills), and I don't work much overtime so I was alright with coming in for 6 hours. When I got home I packed the girls up and we went out to my parents for dinner, the hubby had to work so he missed out on an awesome sweet and sour chicken dinner. Only problem with my mom and dad's house is that it is a trigger for me- FULL of temptation. I got my desire to eat from my dad because my mom can have all kinds of sweet treats around her and not even think twice about them. They cause me agony however! So between a never-empty candy drawer, the chip cabinent, and the cookies and candy jars sprinkled around the house I could go into full cardiac arrest! I did indulge in a few treats, mainly some mini reeses peanut butter cups from the candy drawer. Unforuntaely my parents also eat dinner about 1.5 hours after we normally do so I was famished and indulged in a handful of pringles- and then mom heated up some chicken fries to snack on. My saving grace was that I brought running clothes with me in case my little brother (ok- 21 now, not so little) wamted to go run with me. He's on my Ragnar team this year and we've only run together a handful of times over the years so I thought it would be fun. Right after indulging in chicken fries he told me he wanted to go- perfect timing, NOT. I suited up. Of course I did not feel like running AT ALL, but considering how much pre-dinner food I had consumed I knew I had to burn some calories off before actually eating a real dinner. Before the drive over I had decided that if we ran I wanted to do around 5 miles, when he asked me, I said I'd have to see how I felt but I wanted to back down to 3 miles so badly. My brother is like 6'2'' so running at my 9:35 pace he looked like he was taking baby steps but he never complained- a few times we hit 8:50's but I was not in shape to hold that pace on Saturday. I burped up chicken fries the entire run, and it was HILLY. I was of course cursing running, saying I hated it the whole time- a normal occurence until afterwards when I'm so happy I went out.

My girls playing dress up at Grandmas
Sunday I did some weeding, finished up a P90X Arms/Shoulders DVD that I started last week but wans't able to finish due to two little lady bugs who kept jumping all over me! Then did Ab Ripper X- well some of at least, it's killer- I didn't remember how hard it was!

Well planned on writing more but got pulled away from the desk and the end of my previous paragraph to do some urgent work and now I'm leaving 30 minutes later than I should. Until next time friends.....

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