Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July in Pictures & Mileage Stats

First the business. I was looking over my dailymile this morning and reviewing my mileage statistics. In 2012 I ran a total of eeerrrrr, 424 miles? Something in that area, anyway so you'd think that half way into 2013 I should be happy with 329 miles already logged. BUT, I set a goal for 800 miles for the year. Of course I was on track while marathon training but now, while still running, I'm not logging nearly as many miles. Chalk it up to a busy schedule and no 18 mile Saturday morning runs I guess. June was the lowest month for me for the last year by one mile. However, July of last year I was dealing with a knee injury and was in physcial therapy two days a week. So that means June just really sucked and now I'm reving it up for July. The goal is 50+ miles for this month. I've got Ragnar coming up (7/19-7/20) so that will add 15 miles right there- BAM! Then in August I have a 5K and HTC. I don't know what my mileage will be for HTC yet but we have a team meeting on the 14th and I'm super excited!! :)

Now for the fun stuff. Here are a few pics from the Family 4th of July BBQ last night, enjoy!

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