Friday, July 12, 2013

Meeting Like-Minded People

Written Monday 7/8/13- uploaded late, whoops!

Had a pretty fun afternoon at work today. All this week I’m training a co-worker how to use a specific program. The weird thing about my job is that all the people that work in my code have offices in different locations. I can literally go weeks without seeing my boss or someone else who does my job. I have 7 other people in my office, but they all have entirely different functions and supervisors. Anyway so I only see this co-worker at our monthly meeting, therefore I do not know her personally whatsoever. We chit chatted yesterday while training about various work related qualms and it was fun to hear her perception of a lot of the work we do here. Well today she came back and somehow brought up the fact that she use to weigh 260 lbs.- small world, I weighed 250! We high fived like dorks. LOL. We spent the next hour working feverously sharing our stories of weight loss, discussing struggles and answering each other’s questions about our current diets and workout routines. Amazingly she is 125 lbs now and has never even set foot in the gym! I think I talked her into trying out insanity, I’m secretly hoping that we can do a challenge together to hold each other accountable  She also told me she has a 15 year old daughter who is starting to gain a little weight and needs to get active. I told my co-worker about fun runs like the foam run, color run, electric run and zombie run thinking maybe it’d be a fun thing for her and her daughter to do together. She seemed interested and wrote down a running website I frequent,

I feel so thankful to have met so many like-minded people these last few years. And it’s amazing to discover that people aren’t afraid to share their stories- we’re all really proud of our success and can be proud of each other. There is no bragging, jealousy, or judgments. Just people lift each other up and cheer each other on, I love it! Of course there are people out there who want to drag others down, we’ve all experienced people like that but I’ve learned they truly are few and far between. People like that don’t deserve a second thought (or word in this blog!). Last nights workout was tough. I ran during the hottest part of the day (80+ degrees) on the track, AND I didn’t bring water. Dummy. I decided to work on speed because I didn’t have time for distance:
REST 150m- 1:50 - 19:55 pace
SPRINT 110m- 25.43- 6:09 pace
REST 100m- 1:06- 19:24 pace
SPRINT 110m- 21.37- 5:28 pace
REST 88m- 1:00- 18:11 pace
SPRINT 200m- 51.92- 6:44 pace
REST 200m- 2:10- 18:27 pace
SPRINT 200m-51.17- 6:39 pace
 REST- 200m- 2:11- 19:03 pace
SPRINT- 110m- 24.25- 5:55 pace
REST- 200m- 2:01- 18:43 pace

This workout also included a 1 mile warm up and .5 mile cool down. After I got home James had grilled chicken for dinner so I ate and then promptl headed out front to weed the garden before I took a shower so I could wash the sweat and red garden mulch all off at the same time. Pre-bedtime workout P90X Shoulder/Arms first 30 minutes. I got 10 wakeups until Ragnar- gotta work these glamour muscles to rock some tank tops!

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