Monday, July 1, 2013

Insanity Day 5 - eerrrr.....wait

The weather got nice in WA state and I fell off the proverbial "Insanity wagon". Don't judge me! YOU try having Shaun T kick your ass in the living room when the thermostat reads 86 degrees indoors. We aren't use to the sunshine in WA- we're wimps! I did manage to get a short 2 mile run in Sunday morning. Even at 9 am it was hot and I came back home drenched in sweat. I almost killed the dog. Probably is rough to be black, and have your barefeet (ok paws) on the scorching ground. As I type this I'm feeling like a bad mom for taking her out in conditions like this. I should have checked her paws for heat blisters aftewards!! Jamba did get to come back home, drink some ice cold water and spend 30 minutes splayed out on the somewhat cool kitchen floor while the laundry, dishes, and my children all fought for my attention.

Post Run with the Pup

I'm figuring out a new plan. I love Insanity and want to do the full 60 days but at the same time I'm rethinking starting it in the summer. Once I get on a plan I hate jumping off or changing things up- despite how often I do it. EEEK- I suck. I promise tomorrow I'll have a more uplifting blog.....yes, tomorrow....

This past weeks weather- HOT!

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