Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 Racing Collage

I'm looking ahead at all the races I will be running in 2013 and looking back at all the amazing races I experienced in 2012. I say "experienced" instead of "ran" because it really is an experience. There is so much energy, excitement, and friendship at these events that it becomes so much more than putting one foot in front of the other. Running really is a community just as much as it is a sport. I didn't learn that until I stopped worrying about the fact that I wasn't the fastest person out there, and just embraced my own personal victories and opened up to those around me for advice, companionship and an ass-kickin'!

This is just a little collage that includes some of my favorite races from the past year. I loved running Rock N Roll HM with my sister, meeting so many new friends when I joined a Ragnar team full of strangers, watching my husband run a local 5k, seeing the joy on my daughters face when she ran a kids dash, crossing the Poulsbo finish line with my oldest daughter running across the track to finish by my side, and finally PR'ing by 9 minutes at the Yukon Do It HM on NYE.

I look forward to creating my 2013 collage....I promise you it will be much bigger!

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