Thursday, January 10, 2013


Forgive the dis-jointedness of this blog. I'm sitting down to right it while watching "Ted" with the husband, and it's pretty darn distracting! lol.

My new bondibands <3
Tonight I did my first aquafit class and I figured it was blog worthy. First of all I don't like the whole pool environment; the humid locker rooms, sticky floors, creepy men or nosey old ladies walking around with their waterwings on, kids splashing and screaming while their parents gossip on their cell phones. I walked into the Y tonight and the first person to see me was this little old man with a sweatband on his head and a towel wrapped around his shoulders. He tried to sell me on the working out with weights class, which I would love to try, however Brittany and I had plans to do water aerobics. We signed up for the Lazy Ironman which started Jan 5th. It requires us to complete an ironman (26.2 mile run, 112 mile bike ride, 2.4 mile swim (or 5 aqua classes), however we have 5 weeks to complete it instead of just one day. That brings me to the swimming. Anyway back to Mike, the old man at the Y, when I told him that I was going to water aerobics he laughed and told me I was too young for that. EEeek, wondered what I was in for, water ballet with ladies bused over from the retirement home? Yeah it pretty much was.....BUT it was a decent workout too. My arms started to feel it after using those water weights. Lots of water running and kicking and squats, it's funny how uncoordinated I felt doing them in the pool compared to on land. After the class I had a hard time getting my lock to open so I was standing wrapped in a towel contemplating asking the front desk for bolt cutters. Even Brittany tried the lock, no luck. Finally realized I switched the first two numbers, whooopsies!

Got home and my wonderful husband had dinner all done and the girls' plates dished up. I found a new box of Lia Sophia jewelry (always fun) and my bondibands. Can't wait to use them a few times and write a review. I've heard only good things and I love that they are affordable and have so many design options.

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