Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Body by Vi Challenge- Day 1.
Yesterday I came home to find a box on my front door step. My shake had arrived!  Ok so let me back up and tell you why I decided to do this. I’ve tried many workout challenges before, Insanity, Turbofire, Running xxx miles, but my nutrition would always fall below ideal. I have a total love/hate relationship with the kitchen, but I enjoy working out. So I decided that I should focus on my weaknesses more than my strengths to get me to my goals. “Focus on change and you will see results, focus on results and you will never change.” Don’t know whose quote that is but I love it. At my old desk I used to have it printed out and taped to my monitor. So my friend Yolanda contacted me because she is recently became a distributor. At first I looked at this as a calorie restricted diet and said “no thank you, I’m training for a marathon and can’t live off of this.” Then I started thinking about it and realized A. It wasn’t going to be every meal, B. It’s an easy grab and go meal/snack for when I’m lazy and C. I like shakes! So I signed up.
I intended just to have the shake once a day but last night I had to pick my husband and baby girl up from the airport at midnight so my schedule was all thrown off whack. I didn’t want to spend forever packing a fancy lunch so I made 2 shakes, one for breakfast and one of lunch. The powder is a tri-sorb protein blend flavored “sweet cream” which I was told tastes like cake batter, and I kind of agree. Five flavoring packets came with it but I decided to just make it plain. I think a few chocolate chips blended up in it would be really good in the future :P  I poured  2 servings into one huge water bottle so I could just sip it all day long and stay full. For breakfast I also had watermelon and some pretzels, an apple and string cheese for an early snack, then later in the day beef jerky and another apple. I’m going to take my “I want it” Project 10 video tonight.  Essentially that means I will video tape myself weighing in and documenting my goals, then I’ll do the same thing when I lose 10 lbs and I’ll get entered to win $1000. 10 winners are picked each week so wish me luck!
On another note I saw the Dr. yesterday to get my ankle looked at due to a weird pain that develops on the inside of my right ankle every time I run  more than 2 miles. Turns out I have posterior tibial ligament strain.  I’ve been experiencing pain for the last 2 months or so but just kind of run on it anyway because it doesn’t get any worse, and within about 2-3 days the pain disappears…until I run again, oops.  The doctor said that it’ll be fine, I can still run I’m just going to either reduce my mileage or pace- or both, until I don’t get that sharp pain anymore. My marathon is far enough out (April) that this won’t ruin my plans.  I also went to Poulsbo Running to get new shoes since I have so many miles on my old Brooks Ravenna 3’s (400ish) and my new shoes should be coming in later this week. I’m really excited; they finally started making the Ravenna’s in different colors. What color do you think I ordered? ;)

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