Monday, January 14, 2013

First 14 miler

Knocked my first long run out of the way for marathon training, woohooo! It's funny how "long" a long run is these days. A few years ago anything over 3 miles was a long run. Now that I've ran 5 half marathons and am training for the big 26.2 I tend to think of long runs as further than 9 miles. So yesterdays run was 14 miles, furthest I've ever run at one single time. When I did Ragnar Relay I ran 16 miles in one day but it was split between 3 different legs. I was extremely happy with my run. I kept a pretty even pace, stuck with my 3/1 intervals (Run 3, Walk 1) and finished with a 10:55 average pace. When you factor in the walk breaks that means I was running just a little over 10 min miles on average (10:10ish?) Not too shabby for my first 14 miler!! I was lucky enough to have company for 10 of those miles, my friend Sara, came out to join me. I had run a little before she had met up with me and then we finished together at 12.9 miles so I had a little over 1 more to go. I was really proud of myself for finishing that mile and not calling it "close enough." It was hard though, it was 26 degrees out, and the Seahawks were in the playoffs and the game had started while I was out running so I wanted to get home as fast as possible but I knew I would regret it if my watch didn't read 14 so I pushed on.

Today I feel REALLY good. My legs have just enough soreness that I know I ran yesterday but feel good enough to run again today if I had time. Unfortunately my oldest daughter is sick so I'm playing nurse now. She woke up last night at 10 pm and puked ALL OVER, from that point on it was an hourly occurance but she seems better now. She's keeping some liquids down at least. It's so hard to watch her laying here so miserable. On a happier parenting note my almost 2 year old just went peepee on the potty twice in a row tonight! Victories!

Getting ready to watch The Biggest Loser in a bit....any TBL fans? I love watching people change their lives! Plus this season is so cute with the kids. I find myself already looking forward to make-over week and this is only the third episode :P

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