Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Insanity Days 1-4

If you are friends with me on dailymile then you know that I use Insanity DVD's for supplemental workouts every couple weeks or so. Well, I'm happy to announce that since my long distance races for the season being over I have decided to complete the entire 60 day program! Woot Woot! It is hardcore (see my beachbody reviews here.) I skipped the fit test and jumped right into the workouts because I've done the fit test several times and have an idea of where I am fitness level wise. I wouldn't recommend doing that becuase it's nice to have the numbers to look back at, but it's what I did. I printed out a blank calendar and filled in the workouts as they fit my schedule. For example week 5 begins with a few recovery core and balance workouts- two of those days I'm going to skip and replace with Ragnar Relay NW Passage!!!! Go team NOM NOM NOM! :)

The first four days are physically challenging no matter your fitness level, if you're not dying then you're just not pushing yourself hard enough because this program is progressive but also relys heavily on you keep up the intenstiy. I won't list out all the exercises because I am sure you can google them but Plyo is hard, lots of quad and glute work- even the warmup gets sweat pouring off my body. I also ran 2 miles that day for some extra punshiment- my calves were burning with both workouts combined. Power Resistance, ok my DVD skips so I only did 20 out of 40 mins but again legs were burning, arms were feeling it and the sweat was dripping off my nose, chin, collar bones, you name it and it was sweaty! Any other workout and 20 minutes who feel a little half ass to me- not with Insanity. Pure Cardio is tough as shit, like seriously, even the people in the video are dropping like flies. This was the hardest for me to get through because it's not a circut like most Insanity workouts, it's non-stop, no breaks and extreme moves. Last night was Cardio Recovery and while I didn't get as sweaty I got a great stretch and did a bunch of lunges and squats so my thighs were screaming at me. Plyo is on the menu again tonight. I wanted to go to spin as well today but I'd be lying if I didn't say that due to a not so healthy lunch I'm practically comatose at my desk. In full disclosure it was poptart, my 190 cal fish tv dinner was DISGUSTING, so I resorted to the vending machine and I'm on a major sugar crash. 

 I'm having the 3 o'clock inner struggle with myself right now as I plan dinner. Tortilla soup is sounding sooo good. It feels more like October than June with the rain pouring outside. We got a nice thunderstorm last night, here is what the rain did to my back hill:

More updates to come- I'll be posting my changes in weight, measurements and comparion photos every 10 days during Insanity. "This shit is BANANAS YO!" ~Shaun T.

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