Friday, February 8, 2013

A Week Off the Wagon

MMMM Cupcake!
Talk about an expert binge eater, this past week I have done nothing but stuff my face. I was suppose to do a 20 mile run Saturday morning as a part of my marathon training and to celebrate a friends birthday, but since my ankle has been bothering me (posterior tibial ligament dysfunction) I wimped out and only did 9.5 of it. LaRee, the birthday girl, brought us all cupcakes so I had that waiting in the are for me when I got done...and it was delicious! Later that night we celebrated my grandpa's 70th birthday at the Olive Garden, 24 of us to be exact, and I tried to behave. I had "only" three breadsticks and got the Chicken Toscana which comes with a risotto served over fresh spinach. I only ate half of it, took the other half to go, yay, small victory! I had to save room for dessert of course, haha. The chocolate mousse cake there was delicious.

Mom and I in the blue jackets
Sunday was the Superbowl so we had a last minute get together at my grandparents because my aunt Rachel had come up from Eugene for the party the night before and any excuse we have to throw a party we take full advantage of. I should back track and share that Sunday morning my mom and I did the YMCA Resolution 5k #2. It's a series of four and I'm trying to introduce my Mom (and Dad but he skipped this month), to interval running. Our goal was to beat her last months 5K time which was 53 minutes. My initial plan was to have her run 1 minute, walk for 3 but this is VERY hilly course so we kind of abandoned that halfway through and just took advantage of the downhills and then kept a steady walking pace going back up. She blew her old time out of the water and came in at 45 minutes, woohooo! Next months goal is going to be 42 minutes! :) 

Anyway flash forward again to the Superbowl party; my mom had made chili, a baked potato bar, nachos, hot dogs, and the my aunt showed up with some pizza so there was no shortage of food; and I tried it all! I was soooo stuffed.

Monday-Thursday consisted of eating more pizza, sugary mocha freezes (love them), ice-cream, cookies, and a potluck at work full of pulled pork sandwiches, lumpia, casseroles and desserts and until last night not a single workout. I had a mid-day breakdown right after eating about 3 cookies where I emailed some of co-workers and running buddies. Thankfully Sara offered to work out with me at the gym last night and it pulled me out of my funk. Even after losing all the weight and knowing what to do sometimes the brain just checks out, the willpower shuts off and I find myself shoveling food in my pie-hole as fast as I can get my hands on it. Thankfully even in the midst of the craziness and sugar crashes I know that it's temporary and I will never go back to those bad habits that ended in a 250 lb weigh in. I enjoy working out and I love the power I feel when I eat well, sometimes I get distracted but I'm not the same person I was. I can always recover, and WILL always recover. The gym calls my name louder than fast food, the road is cheaper than therapy, and I'm a better wife and mother when I allow myself those few selfish hours a week of burning calories and getting sweaty. It keeps me in check and making the right decision.

So last night I ran 3.125 miles on the indoor YMCA track, did two hellish three minute intervals on the Jacobs Ladder and did some ST. I feel healed. Tonight I will workout with Chalene...turbofire baby!

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