Sunday, December 16, 2012

Downward Dog

I gave yoga another try today. It's probably the 5th time in 3 years I've attempted to fall in love with yoga. People swear by it and I can definitely see the benefits but I have a hard time spending an hour at the gym and not walking out of there drenched in sweat. My friend Sara joined me which made it fun. We decided since we run so much we need to take the time to let our muscles recover...and get more flexible. I had the hardest time switching my weight to my finger tips (the peace fingers as the instructor called them) instead of supporting myself with my wrists. Explains why I was always hurting my wrists before at least- I was doing it wrong! I'm going to attempt to go every Sunday morning for a nice post long run-Saturday stretch. I always feel akward at the end of class when you just lay there are suppose to let your mind zone out. My mind DOES NOT zone out. The instructor told us to relax the muslces in our face; it was crazy, I didn't even realize I was using so many facial muscles unintentionally. Then of course I spent the next 3 minutes fighthing my jaw and eyes to relax. I'll get better each week :)

On another note I got some new shoes a few weeks ago and wore them for the first time last night.
I'll include a pic because it's the only pic I have to share tonight. It would have looked a bit odd to be snapping pictures during yoga class. I wore them with a dress and leggings to Wally World and felt a little too dressed up, well then again that's not hard to do at Walmart., most people tend to wear in PJ's. I always think of What Not to Wear or those DIY home improvement shows where they ambush you...I'd hate to be in PJ's!

This one is short tonight. My girls are sick, hubby is even coming down with something. We tried to put them to bed early but KK is downstairs begging me to come cuddle. How can I say no? I guess we're going to watch Cinderella. Goodnight.

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