Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round

Ahhh spin class- I missed you so! After a full (and very busy ) work day I really just wanted to plop on the couch with a pizza, followed by a hot chocolate, then I’d probably end up eating some of the girls’ fruit snacks just for the heck of it. I’m have binge tendencies. Food and I have a complete love/hate relationship. I’ll go out to Mexican with my mom and sister and they’ll say “just eat a few chips”, HA! It doesn’t work like that for me- I really wish it did.  Three baskets later, I’m miserable. I didn’t want to hop onto that roller coaster last night so I told my husband, James, that I wanted to go to spin class. It’s been a few months since my last class, I’ve been making time for long weekend runs but my weeknight works have been almost non-existent since I took my new job in September. I’d tell you about my new job, but it’s super secret and then I’d have to kill you…ok not really, well kind of. Really I would just rather talk about working out! After I got home I spent an hour with the girls, and put in a Lia Sophia (jewelry) show order.  I intended to run to Target really quick and exchange a super cute pair of compression pants I bought last week. I bought a L because they didn’t have any M in stock and I’m kind of funny when I find something I like, I didn’t want it to slip away so I figured I’d rather have them in a L than not have them at all. I tried to take some pics of them but of course the girls saw the camera and came running :) Anyway Target told me they are discontinued so they won’t be getting anymore in- bummer, stuck with the L.

I got to the gym at 5pm thinking spin class started at 5:30. I lifted weights near the welcome desk and waited 10 minutes and they passes still hadn’t been set out. Policy for the Y here is they put out the passes 30 minutes in advance to give everyone a chance to snag one of the 30 or so bikes.  I decided to ask the front desk staff what the deal was and then they set them out...for a 5:45 class. Ok 15 minutes may not sound like that big of a difference, but James had to be to work at 7 pm, so it made a ton of difference for my evening plans. I would have just gone for a run but I hadn't even brought my headphones or iPod so I decided to do some random strength training (lunges, squats, abs) while I waited for class to start. It was worth the wait- Hollie is one of my favorite spin instructors and she delivered an amazing workout to a packed class. I wedged my bike near the back of the room cause I knew I had to sneak out a little early to get home and switch duties with James. I still have "Barbra Streisand" stuck in my head- that dance song, not the actual singer. By 6:30 my legs were jello and I had to head home.

The girls were in a mood last night too. Normally working out totally calms me down and makes me fairly patient, but last night they were pushing my limits. They decided to un-decorate the tree, which I expected, but Macayla (4 yrs) decided to throw a Minnie mouse ornament and it broke into 3 pieces. Then she proceeded to pull the ottoman over to the side of the couch so her and Bailey (2 yrs) could jump over the arm of the couch and roll down it like a makeshift slide. 8:30 was nearing and I decided to put them to bed, I was tired myself, and end the craziness. Before taking them upstairs I turned the oven to 350 to bake some of the pre-made cookie dough I bought from a co-worker's son's fundraiser. Once my little love bugs were tucked in I went back downstairs to peace and quiet....and turned off the oven. Small Victories :)

As for today my eating was on track. Dinner was meatless meatball subs. The "meatballs" were from Trader Joes and very good- even my picky husband ate them and gave a thumbs up review. I wore my new workout pants for Insanity Cardio Recovery tonight- it's not much of a recovery workout though, my quads are killing me from all the lunges and squats. Now I'm getting ready to watch the newest Batman movie with the husband and snack on some popcorn. Don't mind the crinkled bag- I had to grab a handful before snapping a pic.

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