Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not a fan of WSF today

Oh my god, just got three paragraphs typed and the internet went has been my day.

Starting over, argh...

Running wo-man
Normally Sunday's are very peaceful around my house. We watch football, do chores, prepare for th week etc. Today started off normal enough with a weekend run, Sara joined me. We did 3/1 Intervals with a few laps of speedwork thrown in at the track, total distance 8.2 in 01:29:00ish. I accidentally paused my garmin and didn't notice until we had covered about another 3/4 mile, oops. So we combined what my garmin HAD tracked with the stats Sara's phone had kept, and agreed upon a total distance and time. Oh, and I decided to try out my newest Target pants for the run to see if they were canidates for my next half (12/31) and that was an adventure. About 1/2 mile into our run they started falling down to the point that my buttcrack was going to be exposed. So I held them up while running for probably about 1/4 mile when Sara realized she had an extra hair-band. So I rolled my pants up in front to get some extra fabric and scrunchied them like it was 1995! It worked though, so the rest of my run I didn't have to worry about flashing the neighborhood. Guess I'll have to stick to cross training only in those pants.

I should have taken these two small misfortunes as an indicator how my day was going to go. In short, I had a lia sophia meeting in Seattle to attend at 4:30, took my girls to my parents cause my husband was working tonight, then planned on catching the 3:00 ferry (it's an hour sailing) and walking a mile to the resturant for the meeting. Well apparently yesterday one of the ferry's started taking on water and they have a replacement ferry only its slower than the normal one so all the ferry sailings are messed up. The 3:00 turned into a 4:00 sailing, luckily my friend (and orginial lia sophia recruit) Emily was on the ferry with her car, so I jumped in with her and we drove to the resturant to save time. Only problem was traffic was crazy!! So we got to the resturant about 5:45, and guess when our returning ferry was? Any guesses? we had about 45 minutes to enjoy our team maters and high tail it back to the ferry. Well we left on time to catch the 6:45 only to find out that it was canceled, so the next sailing was 7:55!!!!Long story short we caught a ferry to a different city, drove around and now almost 9 hrs after I left to drop off the girls they are tucked in and I'm finally able to sit down for a second and write, although I should be in bed!

I don't want it to sound like my whole day sucked though because at our Lia Sophia meeting I did win "Queen of Sales" AND I beat my unit managers sales for the month of November so I earned a $75 cash bonus! Score! That's two months in a row!! Last month I hit up DSW for some new boots. This month it will go towards Christmas shopping, but first it did buy me a Salted Caramel something or other, yum. I practically NEVER drink, like almost ever, but Cupcake frosting vodka, with rum and caramel and a salt/sugar rim = I couldn't say no.

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