Sunday, December 23, 2012

Finding the "Get With It" button

Hey all! Can you believe tomorrow is alread Christmas Eve?!! Where did the time go?

I've been MIA for the past few days, totally off my program this week. I have a pretty busy job, so working all day then coming home and thinking of being a mom, wife, cleaning the house, prepping for the next day, making dinner etc just gets to me some days. This week it was hard to pull myself out of the slump. We have BK for dinner one night, Taco Time another. I made several stops at Starbucks and consumed about three too many sugary beverages. My supervisor treated us all to lunch at a burger joint one day, we had a code potluck another....and it all reflected on the scale.
Tempting Pastries!!
But I'm baaaack. Friday I stopped the downward spiral and ran 2 miles with intermittent ST (strength training). I got suckered into working OT Saturday, then we had a Christmas celebration with my grandparents so I didn't get a workout in that day but my eating was as in check as it could be for a Christmas party. I consumed a chai tea and 2 pieces of dessert BUT didn't get out of control and that's what counts to me right now. This morning I got up and went to the Y at 8 am. The family had already woken up so I made scrambled eggs, and ate a banana for pre-workout fuel. Sara met me there for yoga but since class wasn't until 9:15 we ran 2.45 mi on the indoor track, 9:43 pace, and did a 15 minute interval workout on the stair climber. There was a new instructor for yoga today, she was interesting, think quilt-making, yoga practicing cat lover and it might paint a decent picture. We focused on bridge during class but did a few other moves like one she called "chasing your tail." Any yoga lovers out that legit? Lol. Good stretch though. Sara actually like todays class better than last week, but last week was more of my style.

Tomorrow will be packed full of activites so I doubt I'll find time to blog but the plan is to meet up with some running groups for a Christmas Eve run at 8 am. PNWdailymilers, West Sound Triathalon Club, and PSNS/IMF Fast Attacks are all suppose to be there. I heard last years Christmas Eve run had 70-80 runner show. It's mainly a social jog through the CC Trail and then coffee at Starbucks afterwards. I don't see how that many runners will pack into Starbucks though...and think of the smell...ewww!

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