Saturday, February 9, 2013

A late post about New Year Resolutions

I'm sitting here eating the brinner my husband has made for us tonight and realizing that I never shared my new years resolutions. In the interest of sharing, and holding myself accountable, here they are.

#1. The resolution I feel is most attainable and I'm working the hardest towards is running 800 miles in 2013. In 2012 I ran 434 but also faced injury and was somewhat out of commission of 2 months; so if I can stay healthy and stick to my marathon training plan I should blow last years mileage out of the water! I need to run about 66 miles each month (avg 2.2 miles/day) to reach my goal. As of this minute I have logged 79 miles (1.8 miles/day) but will be heading to the gym right after this to log at least another 4 miles to up my stats to 83 miles (1.94 miles/day)...I'm  a little behind right now but not worried, summer months always yield more outdoor time :)

#2. Turn the garage into a gym. We did this last year but then started throwing more junk out there. So I want to find a place for everything and get a better treadmill if it fits in the budget. I would also love to paint the walls bright yellow.

#3. Pay off 5K in debt. I'd like to pay my car off which is right around 5K, that'd put another $265 in my pocket each month. Other option is paying off our military star card which is the only $1000+ credit card we have.

#4. Re-build the back porch. We have a tiny back porch big enough for a BBQ and 2 chairs. I just want to expand it one foot out and two feet length wise but I think that will overall make a huge difference in usable space.

What are your goals? Let's hold eachother accountable and make 2013 an amazing year!

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