Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back to Tracking

Decided to start tracking again. I have a love-hate relationship with couting every bite that goes in my mouth but it works so here it goes. There are 97 days until Memorial Day Weekend and I am determined to lose 1.5 lbs each week, so here goes the math 97 days/7 days in a week = 13.85 *1.5 lbs = 20.775 lbs to lose.
Let's Go!
Edit* Ok, yes I realize I just wrote a blog about measuring success in other ways than the scale but I also want to reaaaally hold myself accountable, so I've decided to weigh in 3 x's a week. M,W and Sat. At least through the end of the month of March to see how I do. When I lost my 90 lbs I was weighing daily, but lately that was discouraging so I'll give this a 3 day thing a try.
Also, I forgot to mention I went on a quick 2.5 mile run when I got home today. I literally walked in, dropped my bags, said hello to the family and changed to go run. My amazing husband cooked dinner (Fish and Asparagus, see above) so I could just run, shower, and eat. I pushed myself HARD this run. Every time I run less than 5 miles I feel like I have to make every minute count. So I FLEW by my standards, 8:42 pace, HAAAAAY! Never would have saw that coming a few years ago when I started this little hobby. Cheers to surprising yourself!

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