Monday, February 18, 2013

Hitting Monday like a Maniac!

What a weekend! Today we celebrated my youngest daughters 2nd birthday, HAPPY BDAY BAILEY! I'm in a sugar induced coma right now. Hate feeling like this. Cake, cupcakes, froyo, pizza, hamburgers, tacos...I've had it all this weekend of festivities. I feel like a broken record lately, I have a few GREAT days and then shit hits the proverbial fan diet wise. I have to tell myself, well if you're tired of starting over, then stop giving up. I've already decided that dinner tomorrow will be fish (probably tilapia) and some asparagus. MMMMMM. I normally don't encourage frozen dinners because they aren't "clean" and can contain a lot of sodium, but I did grab a few Smart Ones (5 pp) this weekend just to have in the freezer for days I may not be as prepared as I should. I've found those are the days where I end up binge eating; one bad decision tends to lead to another. While I don't follow WW specifically I do like the idea of the points plus system. If I were to be following it WW estimates I would be aiming for 26-27 pp per day so 5 for a meal is really excellent for a lazy meal.

I got one good workout in this weekend, a 12.5 mile run. I started out expecting to do 14 miles, but ended up cutting it short. The last 4 miles were alone, Sara did the first 8.5 with me but had a cold and didn't want to push it too hard. Kudos to her for getting out there at all. I HATE carrying a hydration belt so it was hard eating an energy bar while running with nothing to wash it down. I think that started upsetting my stomach. I've pretty much decided that one we get our income tax return back I need to shop for a camelpak (camelback?!) lol, don't know for sure what it's called, but could be a good investment. Every run there seems to be something memorable that is said or happens. I've had many a things yelled at me from passing cars, both positive and negative, but this run Sara and I met a very um....special lady, a blow up doll. It was floating in Clear Creek. Very classy. I made Sara stop and take a picture. Thankfull no one else was really around or they may have thought we were mad but it made me laugh and it was first. Never run across one of those before! I guess there is a first for everything.

I'm trying to dig through my pics and create a few more before/after pictures. It helps me stay motivated to see how much I have changed because sometimes I forget. I look in the mirror and am not 100% happy yet but I've 100% better than I use to be! Tomorrow is a new day. Bring it.

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