Wednesday, February 13, 2013

GoodBye Scale...Hello Tape Measure!

Happy hump day! Half way through the week and looking forward to a three day weekend! Yesterday I ate a rather unhealthy lunch at work, it’s that point right BEFORE payday where the pantry is looking bare and I still gotta eat. I came downstairs yesterday morning to find that James has bought some top ramen so I took a packet of that to make soup but then when I got to work the idea of just soup sounded so boring so I went to the coffee shack and bought a Costco muffin (around 900 calories, eek!), then I only had about 2 bucks left so I decided to get a 12 oz apple cider too. It was sugar over-load! The only good news about having such a random and processed lunch was that when I got home I wanted a good home-cooked dinner VERY badly. I browsed pinterest and found beer chicken, but we never have alcohol in the house, but I have made pot-roast in the past with soda, so I threw some diet dr pepper in a skillet with some chicken breast, oregano, pepper, salt and garlic and cooked that until it could be shredded. A few weeks ago I had picked up some parmesan and garlic tossed potato slices from Trader Joes (frozen) so I cooked those as well, OMG sooooo good, and then I just steamed some green beans for a veggie.
While I was cooking James took Jamba (you’ll meet her later) on a walk. He saw Krissy one of my running buddies, then I looked on dailymile and saw that Sara, another friend, had done yoga the night before and I started feeling like a lazy slob. I had done a spin class 2 days before but that’s about as long as I can go without exercise before I get grouchy, 2 days. They unknowingly pressured me into a Turbofire DVD last night. It felt so good to sweat. After the workout I picked up my kettlebell and started doing some ST in front of the mirror; I felt like a beast but looked like a chunky monkey so I quickly turned to face the wall, LOL.  I haven’t weighed myself on the scale for a few weeks now, but decided that I instead would like to track my inches. I measured this morning before going to work and I’ve GAINED 1.5 inches on my waist since the summer!! So I’m going to measure every 2 weeks and mark my progress on my bathroom mirror in hot pink lipstick. Here we go!
I'm not at my goal but have to remember how far I've come!

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