Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meet my newest running buddy

Quite a bit more sugar in todays diet than yesterday, but I stayed under my calorie goal and within my carbs, fat. The girls and I just made cinnamon sugar pretzels so I'm snacking on those while typing this- don't worry they are already accounted for in my food log. Today's small victory was that I was left alone in the office at work, I normally share with 6 other people, and I didn't raid the M&M jar! I had 10 pieces, apparently they are approximately 10 calories per candy, and that was spread out over the 8 hour workday. There have been times where I have just grabbed handfuls, literally put them in my pockets and snacked. Embarassing but I'm on track now so I'm going to admit my faults and move on from them.

So I suppose I should introduce my newest running buddy. A little over a week ago we got a new dog, her name is Jamba, and she 5ish year old is a pit/lab mix. We got her from a military family getting deployed overseas. James had served with them, they are Navy and he was Marine Corps, and they said she was a fantastic dog and they didn't want her to end up at a shelter or put down. James has been BEGGING me for a big dog for the longest time. He had a rottie growing up and apparently our little beagle and dachshund just aren't the same, lol. So I caved, told him that as long as he took her on walks every day then it would be fine. Secretly I was excited because that means he would be a little more active, yay! So far so good, they seem to be doing .5 mile to 1.4 mile walks depending on the weather. I took Jamba out a few days ago for a run, whew, that was work! She is a GREAT dog, super chill and great with the kids. The former owners had 2 children so she was use to them which is another reason we said yes. Ok but back to the run, she is just a strong dog! She is curious of course and pulls a little and then I have to brace my whole body to hold her. So I ran 1.6 miles (10:37 pace) with her by my side. She did pretty well, I could tell after 3/4 of a mile she started expending her energy because the leash went totally lax next to me. My right bicep is going to be so buff after a few weeks of this! :) 

Today my workout consisted of a 1.5 mile dreadmill run between dinner and my husband having to leave for work. I'm throwing around the idea of doing a kettlebell workout once the girls are tucked in. I probably should. Eh, I will.

Update: Kettlebell workout complete. Two 6 minute rounds consisting of sumo squats, lunges, swings, windmills, crunches, rows, and power cleans. 15 # Kettlebell. 

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