Monday, June 17, 2013

Hot Pockets

Heyyyyooooo. Look what arrived in my inbox a few days ago:

It's a little hard to read, but it's a Hood To Coast Invitation! I have to admit I heard about this last year for the first time after running Ragnar. I had no idea that this was the mother of all relays and you actually have to enter a lottery to get your team in. 1,050 teams line up race morning and over 2,300 submit applications. I'm sure you can do math but I'll point it out anyway that more teams are denied than accepted into the event!!! So this is a big deal and I am beyond excited.

This weekend was Father's Day- shout out to my husband James who is an excellent father to our two little rascals, and to my own Dad who is the hardest working man I know without question.

So since I last checked in I went running Friday with my brother, 3.2 miles in the blazing sun (ok like 71 degree but for here that is hot!). Saturday started off well enough with a group run including LaRee, Jenny, Tabatha and Dorothy, all of whom I like or am enjoying getting to know. LaRee and I ended up doing a 2.65 miles because her IT band was really bothering her so we turned back before the rest of the group and started to discuss our plans for RNR Seattle this upcoming weekend. The plan is figure out the plan later this week, haha. She is weighing the pros and cons about pushing herself through this race and let's just face it my training has no been anywhere near half marathon mileage, let alone marathon mileage, however since I've logged 26.2 before I'm stupidly not as scared as I should be and figure if we take it slow I could do 26.2 miles again....on limited training....with a sort-of messed up the heat...on a hilly course...I mean I won't DIE. If LaRee doesn't want to do the full though I am 100% ok with scaling back to the half. The idea of running a marathon undertrained ALONE just sounds terrible, with a friend sure- misery loves company! I did the marathon thing alone and the only time I want to do it alone again is if I'm really seriously shooting for a PR- something I will NEVER do on a Seattle course.

Sunday I was as checked out as could be. After a post-run binge that lasted all day Saturday it was all I could do to wake up and make James a fathers day breakfast. Breakfats pizza and cream cheese cinnamon pancakes. I ate then just wanted to go back to sleep. Poor guy ended up taking the girls out on a run while I laid in bed reading the rest of "Dark Places" and tried to doze off. The neighbor had different plans for me though since he hired some "landscapers" to come weed his yard all I heard was tiny little rakes clinking off of the rocks. I got so tired of listening to it that I slammed the window shut which of course just made the room get really hot within a matter of minutes with no airflow on a 70 degree day. Ugh.

I HATE my neighbor. I was just waiting for him to confront us yesterday. He complains about EVERYTHING. We put up a fence- he complained that it was wood (he has chainlink), we plant a tree- he questions us about if it's going to grow into his yard (ok valid question except it was such a tiny japanese coral  bark maple that he will pass on before it even grows big enough to get half way to his fence). Then he complains that the dogs bark when he comes out- I want to say "ok creep, come out more than once a year and they will get to know you." Nevermind the fact that 3 jack russell terriers on the other side of his house bark NON-STOP and James has seen moles burrowing under his deck- something like that is gaurenteed get a dog attention! Anyway we used the weedwacker in the front yard and it kicked a little bit of grass into his "flower beds" (aka patches of dirt w/ unkillable bushes) and we offered to go over and clean it up (something we wouldn't have to do if he had got a WOOD fence! hmph), and he told us no he had to weed anyway- then 5 minutes later he's out there
complaining about it?!! He is just a bully. If he hates people so much he should move out of a development. I'm surprised he hasn't complained about the sound of children's laughter coming from the backyard on sunny days!!

I like this sign- I should tweak it and stake it in my yard

Anyway, so Saturday morning when I go out to the car I notice a bright red Hot Pocket box in his front yard, inside his chain link fence. I come back home 2 hours later and the box in now in our front  yard. No way it could have blown up over his 4 foot tall fence- they had to have come out and thrown it in our yard thinking it was ours. A. I don't buy Hot Pockets so it wasn't ours, B. How rude to throw it into our yard and C. Fuck you Old Man! I picked it up and threw it back into their yard while saying "fucking bullshit, no my god damn hot pockets!" I proceeded to go out in the backyard where James was picking up dog poop and the nasty old mans wife happened to be on her porch (gasp- I can count on my hands the number of times I've seen her in the 5 years we've lived next door). So I ask James, "Did you eat hot pockets?" "No." "Because there is a box in our front yard- it WAS over in the neighbors yard, they must have throw it over here. That really irritates me, it's not my job to pick up their trash and it's not our damn hot pockets." Well she quickly popped back inside and shut her sliding glass door, closed the blinds. When the gardner (aka random man from craigslist) they hired came over to pull the weeds (in the yard they never go out in) I wanted to take him
some f*ing hot pockets.
Tomorrow I'll try to vent less. In the meantime have a FUN and healthy day! Enjoy the fact that my neighbor is not yours!

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