Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Uh oh, a Binge!

Yes unfortunately I've spent the past two days acting like the glutton I can often be. Stuffing my face with milkshakes, raisins (in excess!), licorice, chocolate and pirates booty. My meals haven't been particulary large but snacking has been out of control. Oh, I forgot to add the two bags of lime and salt popcorn I popped for myself with 20 minutes of eachother while watching The Walking Dead, or the 3 fruit strips I ate last night in bed after 10 pm. I wish I could say I had a really big piece of cake or a juicy burger but no I've just been snacking myself to death. Everytime I think of it I flash back to that video is it Brad Pitt? It's about a bunch of sins- one of them is Glutton- ah shit, I'll have to look it up. All I remember is a head in a box? Am I mixing movies?


Well shoot. I guess I should get more familiar with my bible, I didn't find the movie but did see this little graphic....and I'm royalled screwed.  I grew up in church and heard this many times but seemed to have forgotten. I need to read the bible again, I wonder if they list it on goodreads?

I logged into my dailymile today and have 1.4 miles logged for the week- a family walk on Monday evening. I should go for a run tonight but I've been nervous cause my ankle is throwing all kind of weird signals to me. It feels as though it's been rolled although I don't remember doing anything that could have injured it. I guess it just requires a test drive to further diagnose the problem but I've been scared. It's the curse of RNR I think. Last year my knee hurt me so badly in the 2 weeks leading up to RNR that I couldn't even run more than a mile and a half without limping back home. I toughed it out through the race but ended up with a left knee that I couldn't bend, an achy hip and two months of physical therapy. So RNR is now a week an a half away and I'm feeling the pains again.  Half marathon or full- I guess I don't really care. Listen, I just want the medal! :) The half marathon has a much prettier medal, it's blue and green. The marathon medal is red....WTF? What about Seattle says red? It's the EMERALD city!!!

Ragnar 2012- Night Leg, 11pm!
I have even more exciting news to say. Can you say HTC?!! I'll post more when it's a little more official and I have fun details to spew. In the meantime I've been nerding out on numbers for Ragnar, making my own unofficial pace calculator so my teammates can have an idea of when they are going to run. The people with night legs need to prepare mentally because if you're never run at 2am in an unfamiliar place it can be a mind trip. Last year I wanted a pacer so bad but didn't want to look like a big chicken and make someone else run even more miles so I sucked it up and ran past bars in full swing right on into the country past horse farms. That was my most memorable leg.....ok big lie. Most memorable leg was the last one because it was much hillier than I expected, much much hillier. I was so happy to be finished at that point and I was cussing the coordinator for having the exchange at the top of the hill where I HAD to run because hundreds of people who watching me. I love this sport :P

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