Monday, June 24, 2013

The RNR that wasn't

Friday night I couldn't sleep, didn't feel 100%, and last remember looking at the clock at 2:15 am thinking, wow I REALLY need to fall asleep. My alarm was set for 3:50 am, I had a 4:50 ferry to catch. Since it was a weekend there aren't an abundance of morning ferries and the 4:50 would be the only one to get me to Seattle on time for a 7 am start as it's a 1 hour ferry ride + 1.8 mile walk/taxi/monorail to get me to the start. Well long story short after not being able to sleep I woke up with a start at 4:38 and it felt surreal. NOOOOOOOOOO- I woke up my husband frantic. I'm going to miss my ferry! I was suppose to be meeting a new running buddy, Dorothy, at the ferry so she text me and I had to tell her what a loser I was. A million ideas of what I should do bounced back and forth in my head. We re-checked the ferry schedule, I considered driving around, but in the end I thought the 90+ mile drive, cost of gas, cost of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge toll, traffic (think 20,000+ runners converging on Seattle), and cost of parking would end up costing me almost as much as the race fee. Disappointed I texted Dorothy that I wasn't going to make it and slunk back into bed to stare at the ceiling in disbelief.

RNR is such a fun race. I was mad that I didn't get to experience it again. I was mad I wasted my money. I was mad I didn't get that medal. I was mad I missed out on sharing a fun morning with some friends. Then I decided to not wallow in it and move on to my next activity.....stay tuned....

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