Friday, June 7, 2013

I have a Disease!

In the words of my friend Rosanna, "Best. Disease. Ever." I've got the running bug. I've had it since Dec 2009, and it only keeps getting worse!

Some Inspiration :P
I decided it would be a good use of my time this afternoon to start planning for 2014 races. Sick, I know. I've looked over my 2013 schedule so many times I needed something else to focus on. Planning for 2014 allows to me to dream when my 2013 dreams are starting to die, ha-ha. I've accomplished my goal for the year to run a marathon but funding is impacting other race goals such as running quadzuki and running another out of state race. Awhile ago I decided that I wanted to run 50 races (any distance) in 50 states by the time I'm 50. I have to be realistic, 50 days, 50 weeks, 50 way, I don't have that kind of money or time. So I settled on completing this by the time I'm 50- that gives me just over 23 years to complete this feat. I'm going to make a tab dedicated to my 50 in 50 so watch for it. If you're around in 23 years hopefully you'll see 50 states listed, but today I can only record two. Washington (duh- home-state) and Oregon.

I have 18 races that I WANT to run next year totaling $1,013 race fees. Whoever said this sport was cheap obviously never paid for marathon, put 500 miles on a pair of running shoes, loaded a fuel belt with GU's, purchased a foam roller, traveled to said race etc etc etc. You get the picture. Two of these races are destination races to cross CA (Disneyland half) and VA (Marine Corps Marathon) off my list. The idea is to take the family vacation to Disneyland and sneak away to VA with just my husband. He is a former United States Marine so I think it would be special to go experience that particular race together.

Moving along, tonight we have a Ragnar team meeting with an optional 10k afterwards. I think I'm just going to run/walk pushing the girls in the jogging stroller for 2-3 miles so that James can get a good run in. We have most of the race details worked out; obviously it's paid for, we have volunteers, vehicles, hotel arrangements for the night before, yet I feel unprepared. Maybe that is how all first time captains feel?

I've been watching my nutirtion more closely the past week and am down 3.8 lbs, woot woot. No cutting corners or retarded carb-free, low calorie diets for me, I have ate real food and lots of it! I've been treating myself to Skinny Vanilla Lattes from starbucks- I even paired it with 2 organic chocolate peanut butter cups for breakfast a few days ago. It's all about moderation and fitting in exercise when you can. P.S.Happy Friday!

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