Tuesday, June 18, 2013

HS Graduations & RNR anticipations

Where did the time go? I was sitting at a high school graduation thursday night thinking, "wow, next summer will be my 10 year reunion!" It struck me as odd because while it both unbelievable that it's already been 9 years since I graduated it is also unbelieveable that it's ONLY been 9 years since graduation.

Here are some pictures. The graduates are my cousin Emie, and a honorary family member, Rob.

I'm the fabulous one in red ;)

Family Photo - Yes we are a spectacular bunch!

 Tonight is KK's last cheerleading class. She starts soccer this summer and that will be a two night a week deal and we're really looking forward to it! We live 3 miles from the YMCA so I'm going to run down there while James and the girls drive. If I leave by 5pm I will get there right one time, have caught some rays and burned some calories. In the words of Charlie Sheen "WINNING!" Based on the above picture you  can tell I need some rays! Tomorrow I WILL make it to spin class at 5 am- I can't say "I'm planning on it" because it's always so easy to just stay in bed. That will be my only really tough workout this week because I need to keep my legs fresh for RNR this weekend. 

With Ali Vincent circa 2010?
Speaking of RNR, it's pretty much settled I'm running the HM now as opposed to the full. My friend LaRee was told she could defer her entry if she volunteers so she may do that to save her IT band from further distress. Probably a smart decision. Anyway I have zero desire to run it (the full) alone so I'm excited now to try and beat my time from last year, 2:17:03. It's a fairly challenging course so I will not PR (2:06) but I think I can get a sub 2:12 so that is my goal. I haven't been running the distances I should so I want to PR on that course yet not damange my body. Ragnar is only a month away and I'm pumped up! Oh, and I just read that Ali Vincent (first female winner of biggest loser) is going to be speaking at the expo Thursday night so I of course totally want to go. I was planning on getting there about 5:45 due to work but am going to try and work through lunch so I can leave here about 3:30 and if I drive around to Seattle I should be at the expo around 4:50 then instead- squeak in just in time. Of course lord only knows what traffic will look like but there isn't a covienent ferry to get me there in time. Enough rambling for now :)

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